Five talented musicians reach the perfect music of Cliff and the Shadows, but always with an own sound and style.

The band was founded in 1960 in Ostend and originated from " Bob Rocking & The blue Boys"(1958)

The years 1960-66 was the period of numerous gigs all over Belgium, but also in Germany, Holland and France.

In 1964 they recorded their first single "Geisha & A little feeling" for Decca.

This single is now a collectors item with a remarkable price tag!

Their performances and professionalism got them noticed by the worldmusic and lots of cd's - with old en new numbers, but also with own compositions.

Until today, The Silhouets recorded 7 cd's, among them the famous "Then And Now". A brand-new cd is planned for the next future.

Their occassional performances are still of a very high quality.

To their list of remarkable performances we can add their gig in "The Pipeline Convention" in London (1997)